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Product Graveyard

The Graveyard is the place to find great deals on some surplus items or old favorites that are no longer with us. All product is new and in perfect condition.

This list changes fairly frequently and product is on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. ICC profiles for older products may not be available for newer printers. Be sure to double check as new ICC profiles will not be created for most of these products.


  • Graveyard Products


    • All products are first-quality
    • Products available while supply lasts
    • Allow 7-10 days for bulk product
    • ICC Profiles

    Canvas Rolls

    Anasazi Matte  24"x10ft  17 mil $14.95 BUY »
    Anasazi Matte  36"x40ft  17 mil $84.95 BUY »
    Anasazi Matte  44"x40ft  17 mil $99.95 BUY »
    Anasazi Matte  50"x40ft  17 mil $109.95 BUY »
    Anasazi Semi Gloss  36"x40ft   $89.00 BUY »
    Anasazi Semi Gloss  60"x40ft   $179.00 BUY »
    Legion Premium Gloss  50"x40ft  19 mil $99.95 BUY »
    Legion Premium Gloss  52"x40ft  19 mil $105.95 BUY »
    Legion Premium Matte  50"x40ft  19 mil $79.95 BUY »
    Magiclee Torino 17M  42"x50ft  17 mil $199.95 BUY »
    Magiclee Torino 20M  24"x50ft  20 mil $139.95 BUY »
    Magiclee Torino 20M  44"x50ft  20 mil $229.95 BUY »
    Tara 901 Gloss  42"x40ft   $79.95 BUY »

    Colorado Fiber Gloss 245gsm

     17x22  100 sheets $99.95 White BUY »
     24"x50ft   $45.95 White BUY »
     44"x50ft   $79.95 White BUY »
    Moab Colorado Fiber Gloss offers the appearance of a traditional silver halide paper. Uniquely designed for optimal image sharpness, and color fidelity, the paper's glacier-like white surface yields the ultimate in dynamic range and gamut. If you yearn for the look and feel of a traditional darkroom paper and don't want to sacrifice brilliant colors and velvet blacks, then Colorado Fiber Gloss is the answer.

    Concorde Rag

     24"x15m  256gsm $49.95 Bright White BUY »
     36"x15m  256gsm $79.95 Bright White BUY »
     42"x15m  256gsm $79.95 Soft White BUY »
    Concorde Rag is a mouldmade 100% cotton paper from France. Similar to Somerset Velvet in texture, this paper prints wonderfully and is available in both a bright white and a creamy soft white. While this is no longer being made it remains one of our favorites.

    Entrada Rag

     18"x75ft  290gsm $89.00 Natural BUY »
    Entrada Rag is what put the Moab brand on the map. This award-winning 100% cotton fine art paper helps bring your vision to print through superb ink handling and sharpness. Entrada is an archival acid- and lignin-free paper with an expanded color gamut, natural contrast and high ink load. It is compatible with both dye and pigment inks ensuring that when used with archival inks, your prints will last for generations.

    Juniper Baryta Rag

     A4  305gsm 100 shts     $99.95 BUY »
    The new Juniper Baryta Rag 305 is a 100% cotton, true baryta (barium sulfate) fiber paper that offers the density of a traditional darkroom FB-type paper to hold detail in the deep blacks of the shadow regions, while producing natural white highlights that’s enhanced with a slight fiber glossy surface texture.

    Moenkopi Bizan Handmade

     13x19  300gsm 1 sheet     $19.95 BUY »
    Bizan is handmade in Japan, one sheet at a time. Each sheet has four natural deckle edges and a unique surface. It also softer than any of our other products and is best suited for applications which require a more ethereal look. Because of its weight and nature, we only recommend using this in professional grade printers capable of custom platen gap settings.

    Moenkopi Rolls

     Kozo 110  17”x49ft  15 mil $99.00 BUY »
     Kozo 110  44”x49ft  15 mil $199.00 BUY »


     Portrait Luster  17x22  25 shts 290gsm $59.95 BUY »
     Portfolio Rag  A3  25 shts 300gsm $49.95 BUY »
     Textured Rag  8.5x11  25 shts 285gsm $29.99 BUY »
     Textured Rag  13x19  25 shts 285gsm $79.99 BUY »
     Textured Rag  A4  25 shts 285gsm $29.99 BUY »
     Enhanced Clear Coat Gloss  One Gallon $79.99 BUY »
     Enhanced Clear Coat Matte  One Quart $29.99 BUY »

    Slickrock Silver

     24"x10ft  300gsm Trial Roll     $19.95 BUY »
    The new Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 is an ultra shiny, true metallic inkjet paper with a unique instant dry coating for jaw –dropping image reproduction. Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 adds unprecedented depth to an image featuring exceptional reflective shine never seen before. This metal-like surface produces images that jump off the paper and can be handled immediately after printing.

    Somerset Enhanced

     52"x50ft  256gsm   Satin Natural White $95.95 BUY »
     A4  225gsm 25 shts Velvet Radiant White $19.95 BUY »
     13"x33ft  255gsm   Velvet Radiant White $39.95 BUY »
    Mouldmade of 100% cotton, this paper yields exceptional depth of color with a velvety fine art texture. The surface of the paper becomes an inherent part of the finished print, without overwhelming the image, but adding a fine art element to the composition.

    Somerset Photo

     8.5x11  300gsm  20 shts Satin Radiant White $19.95 BUY »
     24"x33ft  300gsm   Satin Radiant White $95.95 BUY »
    Mouldmade of 100% cotton and developed to give professional photographers a fine art inkjet paper with excellent colour rendition. The superior inkjet coating gives amazing detail on an exquisite smooth matte surface, with subtle hints of surface texture.